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Ms. Yvonne completed her Waldorf Teacher training in Spring Valley, NY and was a Waldorf Kindergarten teacher from 1995 to 2002 before establishing Heart in Hand preschool.

She enjoys leading the children through the seasons with natural crafts, gardening and puppetry. Most of the tools and toys in school are handmade. And with her felt puppets, Ms Yvonne also brings folks tales and puppet play to neighborhood bookstores and parks.

Ms Yvonne is a Simplicity Parenting group leader and children’s yoga teacher.

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Ms. Dana started at Heart in Hand as a mother dropping her children off for school. She is now assisting Ms. Yvonne at the preschool.



Ms. Jenny guides the Parent-Child classes offered at Gnomes Home, a Heart in Hand studio for the whole family. Ms. Jenny is a mother of three children, birth doula, and a graduate of the LifeWays Early Childhood training, who has educated and nourished children for nearly 15 years. She is an artist, and has always been a lover of art and craft. She brings a gentle and passionate presence to the work she does with families and children, and loves to help parents feel relaxed and supported in their roles as parents.




Additionally, Heart in Hand has weekly instructors who come to the school to teach Spanish and Yoga.

Our Daily Rhythm

Our daily rhythm at Heart in Hand is both the same and different. Each day has its place within the rhythm of the week.

The sameness of regular outdoor play and songs for transitioning from one activity to another is what fosters comfort. The difference of special activities and favorite foods rooted in each day of the week creates the sweet anticipation of movement from one day to the next.


Coloring with Beeswax and Sticky Rice


Spanish with Maestra Mira and Stone Soup


Baking with Millet and Honey Cakes


Preparing Sourdough Bread and Oatmeal


Yoga with Ms Ivett and Sourdough Bread

Open House

The first Thursday of the month, from 3:30 to 4:30pm, is dedicated to parents and children who are considering their first (or a new) preschool. You and your child are invited to come play, explore Heart in Hand and meet Ms Yvonne.

To organize your Heart in Hand open house, please email your request HERE. Be sure to include the name and age of your child as well as your phone number.

You can also use the form below. If you do not get a reply within a day, please send an email request.

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