Heart in Hand Preschool Open House
Heart in Hand Preschool Open House

Heart in Hand Preschool Open House

Taking reservations for the first Wednesday of the month from 3:00p – 4:00p.

Ms Yve invites you and your family to come explore Heart in Hand Preschool. During this time, your child can let their creative play take their imaginations on adventurous wonderings in the school or in the garden. Meanwhile, you can ask all the questions you may have about Heart in Hand Preschool, Waldorf education, and Ms Yve’s extensive experience as a Waldorf educator.

To organize your Heart in Hand Preschool open house, please email your request for one HERE — or use the form below. Be sure to include the name and age of your child as well as your phone number. If you’d like to include a question or two to start the conversation off with, please do so.

Ms Yve usually responds to all inquiries by the end of each day or the start of the next day.

If more than a day has gone by, please feel free to email or send a message.

Enrollment FAQ

How many children are accepted into at Heart in Hand?

Heart in Hand Preschool is State certified and we have two classes of 6 children each.

The three-day program, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday has 6 children and is from 9:30 to 1:30 pm, and includes lunch.

The four-day program is on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, and is a Spanish immersion program,and runs from 9 to 1 pm.

Please ask Ms Yvonne if you are interested in a five-day week.

What is the age range for Heart in Hand students?
Heart in Hand Preschool is for children ages 3 – 6 years old.

Ms Yvonne strives to maintain a balance of boys and girls as well as younger and older children. 

When children attend Heart in Hand for multiple years, they get to experience being the younger and then the older child in a social setting.

What are Heart in Hand's program hours?

    Drop-off 9:00-9:30

  • Pick-up 1:00 pm (noon for the 2-day program)
  • Heart in Hand’s school year runs from September to mid-June and follows a year-round schedule with an added break in October and February.
  • There is a summer program in July and August
What is the tuition for Heart in Hand?


  • 3-days per week  (Mon-Tues-Wed, OR Wed- Thurs- and Friday)
    • 4 hours = $700   
  • 4-days per week  (Mon-Tues AND  Thurs-Fri)
    • 4 hours = $850 
  •   2-days per week  (Monday and Tuesday, or, Thursday and Friday)  
  • 4 hours = $475
  • Parent-Child  (Wednesdays) 9:00 to 11 am
    • 6 week series, $200
How do I start the enrollment process for Heart in Hand Preschool?
Enrollment starts with an invitation to an open house.

Open House is held the 1st Wednesday of the month from 3:00-4:00, and children are most welcome!

During your Open House visit, you will receive an application.

Complete your application and return it to Ms Yvonne with your enrollment fee.

There is an introductory parent meeting in May.

What about Screens and Children?

When choosing Waldorf education for their child, parents choose for an education that fiercely and lovingly stands for the protection of the innocence of children.

Now, more than ever before, children are rushed into the materialistic and thinking world of adults.
Modern science is validating what Waldorf teachers have known for a long time;
the consumption of media by small children inhibits their healthy development.
Children enrolled in Heart in Hand Preschool, a certified Waldorf school, should be given the gift of a media-free childhood as much as possible.
Real life experience such as playing with peers, being in nature, and participating in practical work needs to be the everyday environment of the child.
Media (not just tv, but any screen such as laptops, Ipads, phones etc)teaches children to be cynical, materialistic, and violent. Many programs that claim to be ‘feminist’, ‘environmental’, or ‘inclusive’, merely say this in order to promote their product.
Children act out what they experience, and even though watching tv is a passive experience the children fully participate in it. It is a healthy response of children to want to play it over and over again, in order to process it and make it their own.
Often one child who has watched a program can influence the mood and play of the whole class, bringing in irreverence or pop culture behavior and values.
Heart in Hand is committed to the healthy development of each child, and for this reason, we ask parents to reduce or limit the amount of media children are exposed to.