About Heart in Hand Preschool

Established in 2002 by Yvonne de Maat

Heart in Hand Preschool, established in 2002 by Yvonne de Maat, finds its home in the vibrant urban Alberta Arts district. Step through a wooden gate into a whimsical garden, leading to a cozy haven where children’s creativity and curiosity thrive. The warm scents of wood, grains, oils, and beeswax infuse the air, fostering an inviting atmosphere that promotes friendship, community, imagination, and play.

At Heart in Hand Preschool, we prioritize natural crafts, gardening, and puppetry as vehicles for children to explore and comprehend the world around them. Our curriculum is designed to engage children in hands-on learning experiences and play, with a majority of our tools and toys being handmade.

Under HeyZeus’s ownership, building upon Yvonne’s foundation, our preschool continues to uphold its commitment to nurturing children’s growth and exploration. With HeyZeus’s background in Early Childhood Waldorf education and a deep reverence for nature, he is dedicated to guiding children on journeys of discovery.

Heart in Hand Preschool remains a haven where children are encouraged to learn, develop, and explore within a community that cherishes simplicity, creativity, and a profound connection to the natural world.