Waldorf Parent-Child Introduction

In this magical series for parents and children (infants to 4-years), you will have the opportunity to delight in the changes that characterize the first three years of life and to meet your child with wonder, respect, and a growing sense of capability.

It will be a sacred time, allowing for deep and meaningful play to unfold for your child, while allowing you time to develop a trust in the inner life of the child… ultimately letting them experience the world as good.

You will get to explore ways of supporting each other as parents, while receiving respect and recognition for the challenging task of conscious parenting.  

We will enjoy the seasons and discover ways to celebrate with festivals, crafts, songs, and rhymes.

…. all while learning about Waldorf Education

Sara Harkness

Waldorf Parent-Child Teacher

‘Since beginning to look into education and child care options after the birth of my first son I became entranced by all of the beauty and depth that Waldorf education offers to children and to their families.
I am now the mother of 3 boys and excited to be continually growing in my understanding of Waldorf as I apply it to my home life and share it with others through my work. On top of years of my own self-guided learning about Waldorf education and holistic care for children, I am also trained through LifeWays North America in early childhood education.’

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There are no refunds made once class has begun.

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